About Helena Ericsson

My name is Helena Ericsson and I love embroidery. I used to work as a business librarian, but a few years ago I switched to embroidery. I simply turned my hobby into a business. I also have an education in hand embroidery from Handarbetets Vänner in Stockholm. In 2008 I started my very own blog, Broderibloggen, where I write about all things embroidery. I also run another website, Brodera.nu, where I try to explain how to create various types of embroideries (Swedish text but lots of inspiring pictures).

As a hobby, embroidery really can improve your well-being. It increases your self esteem by providing you with an outlet for your creative energy. Many people feel good while working with their hands, and the result of their work is something that can be admired by family and friends.

I design embroidery kits that works for people on all levels, from the curious first-timers to the more experienced. With every kit I provide thorough and easy to read instructions how to create that specific embroidery. My embroidery kits are often bought as gifts. Therefore, all kits are delivered in an elegant gift package.